Wikitongues is powered by over 1,000 people on every continent. Contributors record and caption video oral histories, raise awareness about language sustainability in their communities and help support special projects.

Daniel Bogre Udell

New York City, United States
Daniel is a TED Resident and the co-founder of Wikitongues, which grew out of a personal project he began in 2013. He has been working with online initiatives since 2011, when he helped launch the Catalan-language edition of Global Voices. He is an historian and designer by training, having studied at Parsons School of Design and The New School for Social Research in New York City. He speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

Kristen Tcherneshoff

Helsinki, Finland
Kristen received a BFA in Photography and Italian from the University of Alabama and holds a Master of Arts in African Studies & Linguistics from Helsinki University. With a background in law and disability rights, her interests lie in language activism and Sign linguistics. She speaks English, Swahili, Finnish, French, and is currently learning Kenyan Sign Language.

Plator Gashi

Prishtinë, Kosovo

Cameron Willis

New York City, United States

Fiel Sahir

Düsseldorf, Germany

Teddy Nee

Guishan Township / Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Sarah Doyle

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Elise Lieberman

United States

Lindie Botes

Pretoria, South Africa

Kunto Nurcahyoko

Semarang, Indonesia

Matt Adler

United States

Freddie Andrade

New York City, United States
Frederico is the co-founder of Wikitongues. A seasoned design technologist with a foundation from Parsons School of Design in New York City, he is Head of Product at Elucd, which helps city leaders track every neighborhood feels about trust and safety, and develop strategies for their improvement. He stewards Wikitongues infrastructure for scalable community management and archiving.

Madeleine Koerner

Moscow, United States

Pau Mateo

Kaunas, Lithuania

Guillem Belmar

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Anass Sedrati

Salé, Morocco

Hangi Bulebe Méthodes

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Gary Quintanilla Ordoñez

San Salvador, El Salvador

Nick Panzarella

Houston, United States

Argo Cayhadi

Bandung, Indonesia

Satdeep Gill

Patiala, India

Robert Keresztesy


John Kazaklis

United States

Ramzy Muliawan


Hugo Campbell

Bordeau, France

Musuweu Theron Kolokwe

Windhoek, Namibia

Maxi Salomone

Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Manjusha Raveendran

Buffalo, United States

Irena Dahl


Hardeep Singh

New Delhi, India

Mohamed Amine Abdoune


Paolo Tirelli


Nicholas Sowizral

United States

Tushar Rakheja

Dallas, United States

Maádu Hassan Kiehne

United States

Nathaniel Kim


Noah Sullivan

United States

Ana Laguna


Ivan Batishchev

Shanghai, China

Vojta Smekal

Prague, Czech Republic

Kateryna Smykovska

Kiev, Ukraine

Mark Levinson

United States

Kaisanan Ahuan


Chabota Kanguya

Lusaka, Zambia

Matteo Tignonsini


Gabrièu Pelisson

Sarah Meltzoff

Miami, United States

Nat Pendleton

United States

Subhashish Panigrahi

Mumbai, India
Subhashish Panigrahi is an open culture advocate, documentary filmmaker and a community catalyst who has led community development for the Wikimedia Foundation, Internet Society, and Mozilla and Centre for Internet Society. A National Geographic Explorer and MJ Bear Under 30 Fellow, he founded OpenSpeaks, an OFDN project for developing underrepresented languages.

Paulu Ajaccio

Furiani, France

Karl Andrei D. Flores

Lipa City, Philippines

Ludovic Hinsinger Góngora

Tours, France

Crawford Hunt

Austin, United States


Russian Federation

Teja Jonnalagadda

United States

Yuliya Manyakina

United States

A Douglas Callendar

United States

Alexandra Werner


Rudo Kemper

Andrey Berezin

Omsk, Russian Federation



Stanley Stanis Kaka

Wabag, Papua New Guinea, Papua New Guinea

Geoffrey Roger

Paris, France

Donna Pierite

United States

LuisMiguel Rojas-Berscia

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Elisabeth Pierite-Mora

United States

Ferran López Abad

Valencia, Spain

Haingo A

Nogales, Mexico

Nabil Berri

Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Kasha Rigby

Alaric Naudé

South Africa

Stanley Sakala


Atul Ojha


Marta Sawicka

Astrid Carlsen


Timothy McKeon

United States


Stefan Hélder


Rizwan Hussain

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Lena Nitsche


Zubair Torwali


Aditya Agarwal

Kolkata, India

João Pedro Ribeiro Pena

Kavyanjali Shukla


Ricardo Germán

Hermosillo, Mexico

Giuseppe Delfino




Michael Kaura

Dorian Dore

United States

Ying Li

Nanyang City, China





Nur Fahmia

Aneli Jovanovic

Ian Szterenzys

United Kingdom

Jacob Haines

Massinissa Garaoun


Areitoyaya Tunami

East Hartford, United States