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Zahida speaking Dinga Punjabi

This video was recorded by Zakaria Kaleem in Sindh, Pakistan. Dinga Punjabi is spoken primarily in and around Punjab Gujrat in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It may be related to Pahari-Potwari, is which is spoken primarily in Pakistan and the regions of Kashmir and Jammu. Pahari-Potwari is a dialect continuum of three major, mutually intelligible dialects: Pahari, Mirpuri, and Pothwari, going from north to south, where the northernmost and southernmost communities find communication more difficult. The speakers of Pahari-Potwari are ethnically diverse and possess a strong linguistic identity, thanks to a language movement and cultivation of a body of literature. The language is similar to Hindko and Punjabi and sometimes considered a variety of Punjabi by speakers of the latter, but Pahari-Potwari hold themselves distinct from the broader Punjabi community. The variety spoken in this video is nearest to that spoken in the Mirpur District. Pahari-Potwari is spoken by around 2.5 million people. It is a member of the macrolanguage Lahnda within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. If you know more about Dinga Punjabi, including how it's related to other Punjabi varieties, please let us know! Send any resources to