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Twaha speaking Luganda

This video was recorded by Daniel Bögre Udell in Namibia and features Luganda speaker Twaha. Ganda, also known as Luganda, was spoken by 4,130,000 people as of a 2002 census and is observed to be increasing. Ganda is a Nyoro-Ganda language in the Southern Bantoid group of the Niger-Congo language family. Ganda is primarily spoken in Uganda by the Baganda people, but it is the second most widely spoken L2 (second language) in Uganda after English. Ganda is tri-tonal and agglutinative, meaning it makes extensive use of affixes and morphemes to modify lexemes. For example, the various forms of the verb "do" may be expressed by single lexemes with varying affixes (nnandikoze "I would do"; ndikola "I shall do"; siikole "I shall not do") whereas English typically takes three or four words to accomplish the same meaning. Ganda had been an official language of instruction in primary schools in Eastern Uganda alongside English until the 1960s.