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Tricia speaking Lintau Minangkabau

Tricia Monica speaks the Lintau dialect of Minangakau. The Minangkabau language is spoken in Sumatra, Indonesia and is related to the Malay lndonesian language. Minangkabau is a South East Asian Austronesian language spoken by over 5 million people across the island of Sumatra as well as by diaspora communities in Singapore and the Netherlands, where it is a recognized minority language. The Lintau dialect is primarily spoken in and around the Lintau Buo and Lintau Buo Utara districts in central Sumatra. This video was recorded by Ramzy Muliawan in Indonesia. The Minangkabau people, also known as Minang, are the primary speakers of the Minangkabau language. Speakers of the language can generally understand other dialects without issue; the main difference between these dialects is phonological, with only mild vocabulary changes between them. The regions for each of these dialects are divided by villages or groups of villages called 'nigari', and sub-villages called 'jorong' have sub-dialects which native speakers will notice and differentiate. The Minangkabau language was originally written using Jawi script, but has been intermittently Romanized since the 19th century. The orthography was standardized in 1976. Help us caption & translate this video!