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Steffi speaking Bavarian

This video was recorded by Daniel Bogre Udell in the United Kingdom and features Bavarian speaker Steffi. Roughly 7,830,000 people spoke Bavarian in Austria as of 2012, and nearly twice as many spoke it internationally. Bavarian is a Bavarian-Austrian language of the Upper German group of West Germanic belonging to the Indo-European language family. It is spoken throughout Bavaria, much of Austria, and in parts of Italy and Switzerland. Within Bavarian exists a variety of dialects that are more or less mutually intelligible. The populations living in and around the Duchy of Bavaria constituted the first Bavarians in the early medieval period, then belonging to the southeastern region of the Kingdom of Germany. Bavarians are generally able to read and write in Standard German (Hochdeutsch), but some present difficulty when speaking it -- for this reason they sometimes refer to it as "Schriftdeutsch" or "written German," owing to its prevalence in mass media. The various dialects composing Bavarian have generated rich literature, poetry, and even Austropop music. Among its celebrated authors is Ludwig Thoma who wrote the popular work Lausbubengeschichten.