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Rino speaking Balantak

This video was recorded by Nabil Berri in Batui, a town in the Banggai Archipelago of Indonesia's Central Sulawesi Province. Balantak is an Austronesian language spoken in Indonesia, on the eastern peninsula of Sulawesi. It is the primary language of the Balantak people and is spoken by approximately 30,000 people. Although the majority of Balantak speakers also speak Indonesian, Balantak is still used in everyday contexts. There are 12 consonants that are native to Balantak phonology, and three more that are only found in loanwords. Balantak has a five-vowel system, which is typical of Austronesian languages. It is also related to Banggai, Andio, Bobongko, Saluan, and Batui.