Reda speaking Arabic and Algerian Spoken

This video was recorded by Anass Sedrati in Germany and features native Algerian Arabic speaker Reda Kerbouche. Algerian Arabic was spoken natively by 26,000,000 people in Algeria as of 2012, observed to be increasing, and an additional 2 million internationally. Algerian Arabic, also known as Darja or Dziria, is a language within the Maghrebi Arabic language continuum, part the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. As a Maghrebi Arabic language, Algerian Arabic contains a mostly Semitic vocabulary with significant influence from Berber and Latin (via now extinct African Romance), and is nearly mutually intelligible with Tunisian and Moroccan. Algerian Arabic dialects are generally divided into two groups: Pre-Hilalian and Hilalian. Alergian Arabic is fairly rich in uvular, pharyngeal, and pharyngealized phonemes.