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Paison speaking Kiga

This video was recorded by Chabota (lsaac) Kanguya in Uganda and features Chiga speaker Paison Atuyambe. Chiga, also known as Kiga, was spoken by roughly 1,580,000 people as of a 2002 census and was observed to be increasing in number. As a member of the Nyoro-Ganda language group, Chiga is a Bantoid language within the Niger-Congo language family and is the native language of the Kiga (Bakiga) people. Like other Bantu languages, Chiga marks noun genders with special prefixes, and Chiga adjectives and verbs are also bound in agreement with that nominal gender. Chiga shares significant lexical similarity with Nkore (84-94%) that occasionally the two are considered dialects of a larger language called Nkore-Kiga. However this is not without controversy -- the move by the Ugandan government to recognize Nkore-Kiga in 1955 may have been politically motivated during the abolition of the Nkore Kingdom, and ushered at the expense of Chiga and Nkore independence.