Naw speaking Burmese

Published November 24, 2018

This video was recorded in Taipei City, Taiwan by Teddy Nee and features native speaker Naw. Burmese was spoken by 32,000,000 people in Myanmar as of 2000, and was observed to be increasing, with 35,300 additional international speakers. Burmese is a Tibeto-Burman language of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Burmese is both the official language of Myanmar (Burma) and of the Bamar people. Burmese is tonal language with pitch-register (including so-called "breathy voice" and "creaky voice") and syllable timing (where every syllable has equal duration). It is heavily monosyllabic and analytic, meaning words are usually composed of one syllable, particles are common, and word order is more strict. The language is written in the Burmese alphabet, which descends from a Brahmic script. Of the Sino-Tibetan languages, Burmese is the most widely spoken non-Sinitic language. Burmese contains a great deal of diversity, with several closely featured and mutually intelligible forms throughout the Irrawaddy River Valley, and other distinct varieties beyond the valley including Merguese, Tavoyan, Palaw, Yaw, Intha, Taungyo, and Danu.

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