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Mazhar speaking Sindhi

This video was recorded by Mazhar Ali Dootio in Pakistan. It is spoken by the Sindhi people and is the official language of Sindh, a province of Pakistan. Sindh is one of the officially scheduled languages of India and offered as a language of study in public education. Prior to Pakistani independence from the British Indian Empire (in which the Sindh province played a significant role), Sindhi was the national language of Sindh. Sindhi vocabulary is influenced by Urdu on the Pakistani side, while the Indian varieties borrow more heavily from Hindi. This is reflected in diverging literatures between the two countries as well beginning in the 1900s. Written Sindhi is believed to have existed as early as the 8th century when a Sindhi version of the Mahabharata was mentioned, however its earliest attested records date from the 15th century. Sindhi is spoken by 18,500,000 people in Pakistan and over twenty million people worldwide. It is an Indo-Aryan language within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.