Luz speaking Shipiba

Published August 11, 2018

This video was recorded in at the Tinkuy Peru by Daniel Bogre Udell, where he and Luz Franco Ahuanari, a textile artist, were visiting for the Tinkuy textiles festival, organized by the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales de Cusco. Shipibo-Conibo, also known as Shipiba, is spoken by 26,000 people within Peru and Brazil. It belongs to the Panoan language family and contains three dialects: Shipibo, Conibo, and Kapanawa along the Tapiche River. These dialects are so closely related that they are thought to have emerged as recently as the 1600s. Shipiba is one of 18 extant Panoan languages, while 14 Panoan languages have gone extinct. Shipibo-Conibo, like almost all attested Panoan languages, contains a set of morphemes that are exceptional to the Panoan language family and refer primarily to human and animal body parts, commonly taking the form of prefixes.

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