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Lian speaking Tày

This video was recorded by Eric Boc in Canada. Đồng Đăng Zhuang is spoken by communities in the Vietnamese town of Đồng Đăng, in the rural Cao Lộc district of Lạng Sơn Province in the country's Northeastern region. It is one of more than a dozen Zhuang languages, the mother tongues of the Zhuang people of China and Vietnam. Historically, the Zhuang people have written their languages using an adaption of Chinese characters known as Sawndip, as well as Indigenous pictographic systems in certain social settings. Since 1957, a standardized orthography based on the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets has also been in use. A branch of Kra-Drai linguistic family, the Zhuang languages share genealogy with Thai, Lao and Isan rather than Vietnamese or Mandarin. It is possible that Đồng Đăng Zhuang is most closely related to Zuojiang Zhuang.