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Kitty speaking Nicobarese and Car

This video was recorded by Seth Wyatt in the Andaman and Nicobar islands of India. Nicobarese is spoken primarily in the Nicobar Islands in the southeastern Bay of Bengal. There are four dialects of Nicobarese — Car is the most widely used dialect, and is the one spoken in this video. Car has distant genealogical ties to Vietnamese and Khmer, two other Austro-Asiatic languages, but it has formed a Sprachbund with neighboring unrelated languages such as Nias and Acehnese in which unrelated languages may share typological features within a region. Car Nicobarese is spoken by around 37,000 people. It is Mon-Khmer language within the Austro-Asiatic family. Captions are not yet available, but here is a video summary: Kitty asks Anmay about her family, as in how they are and what animals they are raising. She also asks what food Anmay had for breakfast (paratha) and where she went to school (an English-medium place in Hut Bay).