Juan speaking Kaqchikel

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This video was recorded by Gary Quintanilla Ordoñez in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kaqchikel is a Mayan language primarily spoken in Guatemala. Although considered a threatened language, Kaqchikel speakers have been revitalizing it through education and literacy programs, as well as through the adoption of a Mayan alphabet. It is a highly diverse language comprised of many dialects, including Akatenango Soutwestern Cakchiquel, Eastern Cakchiquel, Northern Cakchiquel, Santa María de Jesús Cakchiquel (Kach’ab’al), Santo Domingo Xenacoj Cakchiquel, South Central Cakchiquel, Southern Cakchiquel, Western Cakchiquel, and Yepocapa Southwestern Cakchiquel. Kaqchikel is closely related to Quiché and Tz'iche', two other Quichean-Mamean languages. Kaqchikel is spoken by 451,000 people. It is a K'ichean language within the Mayan language family.

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Kaqchikel [cak]