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Jackson speaking Old Norse

This transcript of the poem is close to what I read from: However, the spelling there is more modernized (more like Modern Icelandic, for instance replacing Old Norse ǫ and ø with Modern Icelandic ö). I was asked to submit a reading for Old Norse to Wikitongues by Ana Laguna Durán. The text read in this video is Reginsmál, a poem from the collection called the Poetic Edda (written 1200s AD, based on earlier oral material). There is an English translation in my translation of the Poetic Edda (you may not want to mention that for commercial reasons). Be ready; people will complain because this doesn't sound like Modern Icelandic (there is a persistent myth that Modern Icelandic is identical to Old Norse). I recognize that I don't look much like a typical college professor so I would be happy if my credentials were mentioned in the video description. I have a Ph.D. in Scandinavian Studies (specializing in Old Norse) from the University of Wisconsin and I am a professional translator of Old Norse and a full-time instructor of Norse mythology and literature at the University of Colorado. My website is