Hans speaking Surinamés

Published July 6, 2016

Sranan—also known as Sranan Tongo, Surinaams, and Surinamés—is spoken by as many as 500,000 people, primarily in the South American nation of Suriname, where it serves as a lingua franca for the country's linguistically diverse population, and by the Suranimese diaspora abroad. An English-based Creole, Sranan is distantly related to languages such as Jamaican Patois, Gullah, Seminole Creole, and Bislama, however its vocabulary derives heavily from Dutch and Portuguese, as well as a variety of Central and West African languages. Though it is a primarily spoken language, Sranan has been used in literature since the 1800s, including an online presence today. Read more on Wikipedia: http://bit.ly/29mWgmQ.

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