Gereon speaking German and Standard

Published August 13, 2019

This video was recorded by Daniel Bögre Udell in Cape Town, South Africa. German, known natively as Deutsch, is spoken by as many as 90 million people, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of northern Italy, as well as by diaspora communities worldwide. It is what linguists describe as a pluricentric language, meaning that it has more than one formal standardization — in this case, three: one for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Gereon grew up in Westphalia and refers to his dialect as South Westphalian, a subgroup of the larger dialectal group Westphalian. Westphalian or Westfalish/Westphalish (Standard German: Westfälisch) is one of the major dialect groups of West Low German. Its most salient feature is its diphthongization (rising diphthongs).

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German, Standard [deu]


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