Genesis speaking Mano

Published September 27, 2018

This video was recorded by Peace Corps Volunteer Mike in Nimba, Liberia and features Mano speaker Genesis Gareah. Mano was spoken in Liberia by roughly 305,000 speakers as of 2012 and is spoken in Liberia and Guinea. As a Mande language, Mano is traditionally considered part of the Niger-Congo language family, although that classification is not without controversy. Mano, also known as Manne or Mawe, has three tones: high /˦/, mid /˧/, and low /˨/. The Mano people occupy many positions in Liberian government today, as well as in banking, engineering, and medicine, and live primarily in Nimba County in north-central Liberia and in Nzérékoré, Lola, and Yomou Prefectures in Guinea.

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Mano [mev]


CC BY-SA 4.0