Finny speaking Musi

This video was recorded by Nur Fahima at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and features Musi speaker Finny Widyaningtias. Musi, also known as Palembang Malay, was spoken by about 3,105,000 people as of a 2000 census. As a Malayo-Chamic language, Musi belongs to the Austronesian language family. Palembang Malay language has become a lingua franca of South Sumatra, although many other languages and dialects are spoken there. Musi bears a lot of influence from local Javanese, since its first speakers came from Central Java in the 1700s -- the two languages share words for food, water, fish, and some color terms. Musi differs from Standard Malay in the morphology of its core vocabulary.