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This video was recorded by Daniel Bögre Udell and Kristen Tcherneshoff in Lusaka, Zambia. Belonging to the Niger-Congo language family, Mambwe-Lungu is a Bantu language spoken by 500,000 native speakers in Tanzania and Zambia. Mambwe-Lungu is used by the Mambwe and Lungu peoples as a common language. Fipa-Mambwe, a variety with some intelligibility, is spoken natively by approximately half of the Fipa people of Tanzania. However, Fipa-Mambwe can also refer to a branch of Bantu languages, including Fipa and Mambwe-Lungu. The Mambwe people differentiate between men and women via prefixation on their last names, using “Si-” for men and “Na-” for women.

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