Daisy speaking North Ambae

This video was recorded by Sarah Doyle in Saratamata, Vanuatu, where Daisy lives and works. North Ambae, also known as Omba, Oba, Aoba, Walurigi, Lolovoli, Northeast Aoba, and Northeast Ambae, and by academics as East Ambae, is spoken by 5,000 people in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu. The language is local to the archipelago nation’s Penama Province, and more specifically to Ambae Island, located 266 kilometers, or 153 miles, from Vanuatu’s capital city, Port Vila. Like the vast majority of Vanuatu’s languages, North Ambae is a member of the Austronesian linguistic family, sharing traits with languages across the diverse cultural regions throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans.