Armandina speaking Paipai

This video was recorded by Gary Quintanilla Ordoñez in Oaxaca, Mexico and features Armandina González speaking Paipai. Paipai was spoken by around 100 people in 2007. Paipai is a Cochimí-Yuman language, part of the proposed Pai branch of the Yuman language family, and its speakers have dispersed, living mostly in the Kumeyaay villages of southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Other Pai languages include the varieties of Upland Yuman spoken by the Yavapai, Walapai, and Havasupai people of western Arizona. Paipai is considered closely related to Upland Yuman and partially intelligible (the degree varies) with one of its dialects, Yavapai, having diverged from the Upland Yuman grouping fairly recently. The exact period in which the Pai languages diverged from Core Yuman is a subject of debate.