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Areitoyaya speaking Spanish, Taino

This video was recorded in East Hartford, Connecticut in the United States and features Areitoyaya Tunami who moved there from Puerto Rico. The video contains two languages: Spanish, which is spoken in Spain by 38,400,000 people but internationally 414,170,030 speakers and belongs to the Indo-European language family; and Taino which has no known L1 speakers but is being revived by a small population of L2 speakers, belonging to the Arawakan family. Prior to contact with Spanish explorers, Taino was the principal language spoken throughout the Caribbean. As such, it became the first language of the New World encountered by Europeans and therefore was responsible for many words borrowed into European languages. Taino is thought to have died out within a century of Spanish contact, though it may have continued to be spoken by scattered communities until the 19th century. Among the hundreds of words adopted into Spanish and English for unfamiliar plants, animals, and cultural concepts are 'barbakoa' (barbecue), 'hamaka' (hammock), 'iwana' (iguana), and 'tabaka' (tobacco).