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Angel speaking Aromanian

This video was recorded by Plator Gashi at a Youth of European Nationalities conference in Tirana, Albania. Romanian native Stere speaks his mother tongue, Aromanian, which is spoken by 250,000 people across eastern Europe — in particular Romania, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Turkey — with varying degrees of political recognition. An Eastern Romance language, Aromanian shares many similarities with the Istro-Romanian, and Megleno-Romanian, and Romanian languages. It is generally considered by linguists to be most similar to the latter, the greatest divergence being in vocabulary: whereas Slavic loanwords feature prominently in Romanian, Aromanian borrows more heavily from Greek. This is the historical result of closer contact between the Greek and Aromanian communities. Culturally, Aromanian speakers tend to identify eponymously ('Aromanians') or as 'Vlachs'.