Anass speaking Tarifit

This video was recorded in Havana, Cuba and features speaker Anass Sedrati. Tarifit, also known as Riffian Berber, was spoken by 1,270,000 people in Morocco as of 2004 and is a Zenati Northern Berber language belonging to the Afro-Asiatic family. Tarifit has several sub-dialects including Al Hoceima (West-Riffian), Nador (Central-Riffian), Berkan (East-Riffian), and these are spoken by local clans within the Rif region, a mountainous area in Northern Morocco. A few dialects are spoken in western Algeria as well. Tarifit has several unique phonetic features that distinguish it from other Berber languages. It has been written with many systems in the past, including the Arabic script which is no longer used by Tarifit speakers today. As of 2003, the Tifinagh writing system became the official system of Morocco and therefore a common script of Tarifit. However, the Berber Latin alphabet remains an important, albeit unofficial script used both online and in most publications.