Alexander speaking Banat Swabian

Featuring Alexander speaking Banat Swabian, a variety of the Swabian Germanic language. This variety is spoken mainly in Romania and differs from the Swabian culture and language in southern Germany. Alexander speaks the Banat variety of Swabian, one of the Germanic languages. This video was recorded by Robert Keresztesy in Timișoara, Romania. Banat Swabians are the descendants of Germanic peoples who settled in the Banat region of Central and Eastern Europe after it was captured from Ottoman rule by the Austrian Empire. Linguistically, Banat Swabian describes a larger cluster of various different, and often mutually unintelligible dialects known as Danube Swabian. The descendants of the first wave of settlers in Banat speak various regional forms of German, derived from such diverse sources as Luxembourgish, Alemannic, Swabian proper, or Hessian. Later settlers who arrived in the 19th century, use a language which is closer to the Austrian vernacular of the time, thus it can be considered some form of Bavarian. Neither of the dialects of the area has preserved high similarity to the Swabian language itself, spoken by over 800,000 people, primarily in Swabia, a cultural and historic region in southern Germany. Alexander's Banat Swabian is perhaps best classified as a variety of the Bavarian language; specifically, the Bavarian dialect spoken in and around Reschitz-Reșița, Romania. Hilf uns dieses Video zu untertiteln und zu übersetzen!