Alaric speaking Afrikaans

Published December 23, 2017

This video was submitted by Dr. Alaric Naudé from Huaseong, South Korea, where he is a professor at the University of Suwon. Afrikaans is spoken by as many as 10 million people, primarily in South Africa, where it is co-official along ten other languages, as well as neighboring Namibia, where it is a recognized minority language. It is also spoken by communities in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Afrikaans is the primary mother tongue of two southern African cultures: 1) the Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch communities who settled the continent in the 17th and 18th centuries, and 2) the Cape Coloureds, descendants of mixed families sharing Dutch, English, Xhosa, Khoisan, and East Indies ancestry. It is one of the only African languages of Indo-European origin, having descended from Dutch. It is written with the Latin alphabet, although an Afrikaans variety of the Arabic script also exists, having emerged among South African Muslim communities in the 19 century CE.

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