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Adrian speaking Caribbean Spanish

Adrian speaks the Caribbean variety of Spanish, one of the Romance languages. His specific Colombian Caribbean coastal variety is called "costeño". Related to French, Italian, Portuguese, and other Romance languages. Self-recorded by Adrian in Los Angeles, California. He speaks the Colombian dialect of Caribbean Spanish, known colloquially as "costeño", which is a Latin American Spanish term referring to people who live on the coast of Latin American nations. Caribbean Spanish in Colombia refers to a broader area than one might expect, including Barranquilla, Cartagena, la Guajira and even some interior coastal regions. Caribbean Spanish contrasts with Castilian Spanish in both grammar and phonetics. The second person plural pronoun "vosotros/as" is one notable example, as it has been completely replaced by "ustedes", the third person plural pronoun, in not just Caribbean Spanish but most Latin American dialects in general. There are also different diminutive constructions, pronunciations of phonemes, and major vocabulary differences. This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. To download a copy, please contact