You. Talk about yourself — your language, country, or culture; your family, passions or home. Be yourself! Speak formally or informally, in the accent you’re most comfortable. Be comfortable! Keep in mind that first and foremost, you’re speaking for yourself.

Video Quality and Framing

Interviews are deliberately framed to create a sense of proximity to the interviewee; viewers feel like they’re being addressed directly With that in mind, film your video in good light and make sure it’s crisply focused. The interviewee should speak or sign directly at the camera. If you’re recording a single speaker of a spoken language, frame your video from the shoulders up or closer.

Multiple speakers

We prefer videos to be individual, however we do publish videos of multiple speakers on occasion. If you’re recording more than one speaker at a time, be sure that all interviewees fit comfortably into the frame.

Sign languages

There are hundreds of sign languages in the world. If you’re recording a sign language, frame your video from the waste up or slightly farther to ensure the interviewee has full gestural range. Be extra careful not to clip the interviewee's hands.


Whether you’re recording a spoken language or a signed one, clear audio is essential. Make sure to avoid ambient noise, especially music, and if possible, use an external recording device in tandem with your camera for better quality.

Note: We are unable to publish videos with background music.

Technical quality chart

Though Wikitongues accepts videos of any level of technical quality, we encourage our community to create the best content possible with the means already at your disposal. For your convenience, we’ve included a chart of comparative production quality guidelines from smartphones to DSLR cameras.
Technical Quality Video Audio File Format
Highest quality DSLR Camera Field recorder, preferable with lavalier microphone and windscreen H.264
Standard quality Tablet or smartphone camera iTalk for iOS, audio recorder for Android, or comparable app H.264 or MPEG-4
Minimum quality Webcam Native audio MPEG-4 or .mov