Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution

Wikitongues publishes videos under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution License (CC-by-NC), meaning that our videos can be reused by the general public for personal, cultural, or educational purposes, as long as Wikitongues is credited. Sometimes, we maintain joint attribution with partner organizations and individuals who facilitated the production of videos.

For control purposes, videos on YouTube and Facebook are posted under standard IP but are still available under CC-by-NC. If you would like reuse one of our videos, drop us a line at

Creative Commons ShareAlike

Wikitongues interviewees may choose to allow their videos to be published on the Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which allows for attributed reuse for any purpose, even commercial. Given the less restricted implications of the CC-by-SA license, participation is strictly optional.

Removing Videos

In the event that an interviewee requests their video be taken down, we remove all public instances of the content under our control. Raw files are not destroyed.

Due to the open nature of Creative Commons content, we can't guarantee the complete removal of a video from the Internet.