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Meet Rene

Rene's Background

Rene is a native speaker of Quechua, from the Chungui district, La Mar province, in the Quechua-speaking ancestral region of Mayunmarka, in Ayacucho, Peru. His interests include the conservation of the species of the Orchidaceae family (orchids) and other flora located in mountain forests. His is also interested in knowing more about his ancestral land and the local flora. As an environmental engineer by profession, Rene has a Diploma in Ecosystem Recovery, with environmental impact studies and other courses related to the conservation of biological diversity. He joined the Mayunmarka Quechua LIVING ATLAS eco-linguistic project to be able to contribute in the identification of the plants used by the Quechua-speaking community of Chungui. He is looking forward to getting to know the Quechua names of more local species of flora, as well as their traditional and cultural community uses.

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