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Meet Paula

Paula's Background

Paula is an analyst, intercultural project manager, linguist, translator, and communicator. Being a polyglot and polymath, she explores current and emerging fields of knowledge to facilitate, in-person & virtually, collaborative solutions integrating values of transparency, solidarity, intercultural awareness, and diversity. Paula's participation in the Mayunmarka Quechua LIVING ATLAS will be focused on managing the project to its first year milestone objectives and beyond, as well as to support the ongoing documentation of the intercultural eco-linguistic and bio-ethnographic data obtained through participatory citizen science and community observations and interactions. "As this eco-linguistic LIVING ATLAS project progresses, I hope to deepen my own understanding of how Andean values of reciprocity, cooperation and the symbiosis of humans with the Earth, is informed by local cosmovisions and linguistic constructs, to productively model inclusive and collaborative community values around which everyone in our world can rally, in order to guide future common good actions for everyone on our planet."

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