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Meet Marleny

Marleny 's Background

Marleny is from the rural community of Quicapata in the district of Carmen Alto in the province of Huamanga, in Ayacucho, Peru. She is a professional biologist with a specialty in ethnobotany and economic botany. She respects and values ​​nature, which is why she is interested in learning about the interrelatedness of traditional Indigenous peoples with nature. For the Mayunmarka Quechua LIVING ATLAS eco-linguistic project Marleny will be contributing to the identification of the flora located and used in the Chungui community. "This eco-linguistic research will allow for the collection of information on traditional indigenous knowledge and natural resource use linked to the quechua local native language. This project will also make it possible to highlight, value and protect the biocultural heritage of the Chungui community. I also hope to learn more about the indigenous wisdom of the Chungui people in relation to their interaction with their environment."

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